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Secure Your Home and Business

Security should be about protecting the bank, not breaking it. SelecTele offers Hamilton homeowners and businesses affordable security systems to protect their property and possessions. From weather-proof night vision camera systems that you can view remotely, to a crystal clear IP multi camera system, that lets you record and store events and view them remotely on cell phones, laptops, computers or smart televisions, ensure your investment with SelecTele security systems.

Security, CCTV & GPS

Most insurance companies discount homeowner and commercial clients insurance costs if a security system is installed and used. Most importantly, security systems give you a peace of mind that your people and possessions are safe. From weatherproof night vision camera systems to simpler entry system for monitoring, contact SelecTele to discuss the best systems for your security needs.

CCTV Installation

Our company has experience in all types of CCTV installations throughout Hamilton, ranging from domestic homes to commercial workplaces to major construction sites. Our trained sales team will survey each site free of charge and completely confidential to ensure our customers receive a system tailor made to their requirements. Our CCTV installations include the following:

  • Available for both commercial and residential
  • DVRs & NVRs available include the following features:
  • IInternal hard drives ranging from 500GB to 32TB
  • External USB port for data transfer
  • Includes software for remote viewing via the internet
  • Stand-alone - no computer necessary
  • Easy to program as a standard VCR
  • Each camera recording characteristics can programmed individually these include frames per second, record on motion detection only and timed recording
  • IR remote control for programming
  • One year over-the-counter warranty

Available cameras include the following features:

  • Vandal resistant
  • Color-by-day, black & white-by-night
  • Built-in IR emitters for increased low light viewing
  • Vary-focal 3.3 – 12 mm auto iris lens
  • Remote access
Cameras 2

DSC Entry System

Whether you are a home owner, a business owner, or live in a condo residence, SelecTele Communications can recommend and install security systems that suit your security needs and budget. We also keep it our top priority to provide reliable security systems that function properly and that are easy to use. We have the solution to serve all security needs.

Why Install Home Security Systems

Various researches as proved that the majority of break-ins are done on premises which do not have any type of electronic alarm device. Furthermore, a property without a security system is two to three times more likely to be invaded. The effort to install security systems is negligible compared to the added security it can provide you and property.

DSC Entry

What Home Security Systems Will Do For You

Basic home security systems are designed to deter and detect intruders. It secures your home or business by first securing potential areas of entry from the outside such as doors and windows. Secondly, home security systems detect intrusion within the premise according to zones through motion detectors or other space protection devices.

Access Control

Kantech Access Control Kits offer a comprehensive solution for growing businesses that are seeking an easy-to-use and highly reliable access control system. This all-inclusive kit provides everything needed to create a complete access control system. From the powerful EntraPass software and KT-1, or KT-400 door controllers to all of the peripherals in between, the Kantech Access Control makes sure nothing is left to chance.


Kantech Telephone Entry System

The Kantech Telephone Entry System (KTES) is an ideal entry system for small, medium, and large sites with an existing access control system, or applications that require telephone entry access only. The system provides visitor access control to apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, office buildings, and industrial sites. A tenant communicates directly with a visitor using the KTES and can grant or deny admittance directly from a telephone land line or cellular phone with the touch of a button. The KTES is simple and easy to install, can co-exist with Kantech controllers and can be remotely managed using EntraPass software. A simplified version of the EntraPass software is included with the KTES for fast configuration & firmware upgrades, live transaction monitoring & system backup.


GPS Tracking Services

GPS Asset Tracking Services Uplink offers a turn-key GPS vehicle and high-value asset tracking service for resale to commercial or residential customers or alarm dealers who want to track their own fleets. The Uplink GPS solution offers several device tracking options along with a cloud-based asset tracking software application with interactive mapping that can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or smartphone using the Uplink GPS app.


  • Track at-risk drivers, teens, vehicle fleets, containers or any other valuable asset 
  • Multiple device types — plug-in, hardwire, or bolt-on
  • Event and location records with 60 days of stored history
  • Track time of travel, on-site, start/end, idle, and more
  • Quickly locate your assets via web and mobile apps
Uplink GPS
Uplink GPS


  • Realize a new source of revenue with low service and support costs 
  • Easy and quick installation
  • View the location history of vehicles and other assets
  • Receive email alerts for unauthorized usage, a violation of alert zones, or excessive speeding
  • Protect high-value assets and lower insurance premiums

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