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Custom Home System Design

Let SelecTele Communications Inc help you create a reliable home security to monitor your home when you’re not there, or a home entertainment den complete with multi-room music or a theatre. Our goal is to make your home life enjoyable, efficient and easier. We will come to your home, to help you create a custom home system design – whether it’s for Communications, Data, Audio, Video, Security or Home Automation – that works for you and your budget.  Contact us today for a free consultation. From intelligent home design to central vacuuming, our goal is to make life at home easier, efficient, and more enjoyable. Read more about the different home systems we offer to find out which one is best for you:

Custom wiring

Make sure your home is correctly wired for today and the future. SelecTele Communications installs structured wiring solutions that become the backbone of your home’s communication system including telephone, network cables, Cable TV, satellite coax, and fiber optic communication paths. With structured wiring, we tailor wiring to your needs and house structure, so you can watch or listen to digital content from multi-media servers, satellite or internet on every TV from a single source.

Custom wiring

Home automation 

Sync up your TVs, play music, control thermostats, door locks, and DVRs with an easy-to-use interface. At SelecTele, we’re making it simple and affordable for you to intelligently control virtually any device in your home, no matter where you are, using one easy-to-use interface. This is intelligent home control.

Theatre & Audio 

Make your senses come alive with a professionally-designed home cinema. Cheer with family and friends as if you were actually at the big game…or perhaps a quiet night on Broadway with the best seats in the house. With our multi-room music solutions, you can enjoy your music or movies virtually anywhere and everywhere in your home. We simply connect Home Controllers, Speaker Points and Amps to your existing bookshelf or in-wall speakers and you’re in business. The system can easily access all of your music sources, giving you complete, intuitive control over your various music libraries. You can also listen to different sounds in different rooms of the house.

Theatre and Audio

Central vac

Quieter than a traditional vacuum, a central vacuum system lets you keep a clean house and an ear on your kids. Unlike the portable vacuum, a central vac is a whole-house system. Tubing is installed within your walls and then connected to a centralized vacuum unit, in an inconspicuous spot, such as your basement or garage. You start the system by inserting the hose into the wall inlet. Wall inlets can be installed in any room you like and the 30 foot lightweight hose allows access to all areas.

At SelecTele Communications Inc, we are proud to be CanaVac dealers. Canavac has some of the most reliable, powerful and best built central vacuum systems available to North American homeowners. CanaVac products are built in Canada and have been around since 1970, with a manufacturing plant in Owen Sound, Ontario.

We are Authorized Dealers of these Top Brands:

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