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Your Southern Ontario Telcom Security Contractors: SelecTele Communications Inc

During the past 21 years, SelecTele Communications Inc. has been recognized for sales, wiring, installation, programming, repair of most key telephone equipment, paging systems, and data networks, including fiber optics. We are also one of the few interconnect companies that provides service for security, audio /video and access control system throughout southern Ontario.

SelecTele Communications, while working with our business partners, have created proven, repeatable processes that are guaranteed to deliver results. Telecommunications and data networking are all we do. That means we stay focused on the leading edge of the telecom industry. We’ll make sure you’re getting the most up-to-date installation methods and equipment.

You’ll have only our most experienced tradespeople on-site to execute:

Voice, data, security, sound and video prewire in commercial, industrial and residential applications

Structured cabling systems, including Fiber Optics, Co-axial and Multi-pair

You want to complete the project as quickly as is economical because every day spent on-site costs money. Cash flow is your lifeblood. Achieving the scheduled monthly progress helps you meet your cash flow requirements.We will save you time, money and hassle by:

Co-ordinating with the construction progress schedule

Ensuring that the competing demands of the project such as scope, time, cost and quality are balanced

Providing complete Operations and Maintenance Manuals during contract close-out

Protecting the integrity of the building investment by examining equipment operation and evaluating system performance during commissioning

Being responsive when changes are needed to the work

Preparing submittals, samples and certifications promptly and comply in all ways with the Contract Documents

Submitting competitive and compliant bids

It’s obvious that you know your organization better than anyone does. But what may not be so obvious is how our organization could help you realize similar or even greater results before the end of this calendar year. If you would like to take the first step, we can quickly determine the possibilities.

Contact us today about home or business security, intercom systems, telcom and security systems.

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